Monday, July 02, 2007

Around town

I saw this on Church Hill People’s News.
From NBC 12:
The Sons of Confederate Veterans says it would like to take over maintenance at Oakwood Cemetery, but it cannot get a go-ahead from the city.
Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans say they will do the maintenance, they’ll pay for it out of their own funds and the city can keep the title.
This seems to be a winner all around. The SCV thinks it will save the city $30,000 a year. The cemetery gets maintained, the city saves some money, and this might mollify both the groups who are upset that so much money goes to the upkeep of Confederate monuments and the groups that are upset that so many other Confederate places are not kept up. So why haven’t the city/Mayor Wilder moved on this offer?
Some days Richmond’s government is enough to make you pull your hair out.

SaveRichmond has another great example: City Council is putting more energy into busting up parties than it is into finding out why the Performing Arts Center is turning into such a disastrous waste of taxpayer money.

On to brighter news:
The homicide rate is down, significantly so--

And finally, this Saturday is the Hanover Tomato Festival.


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