Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trying to get up to speed…

I’m trying to find all my old favorite links, and noticing that in addition to the recent primary (I’ll post about that soon) there seems to be quite a bit going on in Richmond this week.

For starters, Books on Wheels has a Mo'Book Mo'Bike Mobile. A project springing from Chop Suey Books, it is “a traveling ‘library’ and bike repair shop.”

We have created an organization called Books on Wheels and are attempting to give away as many books, bike parts, and bike repairs that we can. Basically, we will hold bi-monthly events throughout Richmond at which we will park the bus and welcome anyone to bring us their bicycle for repairs, tune-ups, or inspections. This service will be free, and while they are waiting they are encouraged to go through a selection of books which they can take for free. This is an entirely non-profit venture, one which we hope will spread the love of reading and the accessibility of books, encourage alternative forms of transportation, and share skills in bike maintenance and up-keep.

And according to Diversity Thrift’s website,

The GAY COMMUNITY CENTER OF RICHMOND'S 12,000 square foot DIVERSITY EVENT AND BINGO HALL is scheduled to open on Sunday, July 1st

And Style Weekly has an internal memo from the Richmond Police that suggests there are arrest quotas (which the department calls “goals”) for, in this example, trespassing in Gilpin court.

And Next Saturday (June 23rd) is both the 5th annual Richmond Vegetarian Festival (Noon to 6pm, Azalea Gardens at Bryan Park) and Juneteenth.


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