Monday, April 16, 2007

Va Tech

I was not going to begin posting again until after I defend my dissertation, which will be next Friday 4/27 (coincidentally exactly one year after my last post).
But I see the need to make two very different posts today.
First, I want to say my heart goes out to everyone touched by today’s shootings at VA Tech. Many members of my family are Hokies; my brother went there, and various cousins and uncles and whatnot. My brother was such a proud alum; this would have broken his heart.

What a beautiful school, what a great institution, what a horrible tragedy today.

This is not the time to score political points or to try to second-guess the day’s events; time for all that later. This is just a day to feel sorrow for the students and staff and their families, and to say as many other people already have, that the Tech community is strong enough to withstand this.


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