Sunday, June 17, 2007

Signs of life

When I turned this blog into a clean slate, I really didn’t know if I would ever start it up again. The internet is full of people sounding off about politics; when I quit writing in Jan 06 it seemed that all of a sudden were so many Richmond blogs doing what I was doing that I knew one more or less wouldn’t make that much difference.

Last summer there was a frog in our yard who used to sit under our downspouts and holler; he made quite the echo chamber of it and seemed very impressed with himself. Some days when I blogged, I felt like that frog, only maybe without his charm. So after I hadn’t posted for a few months and knew I wouldn’t come back for a while I just wiped the thing clean (there’s something so sad about an out-of-date blog). Deleted it and saved nothing. Felt good. Didn’t really miss it for a long time. At first I was too busy dealing with various family crises, then on a more life-affirming note, I decided it was damn well time I finished my dissertation. And I finished, and settled this and that. And still, with so much settled, I didn’t start writing again. I wondered about adding the point of adding more echoes.

What makes me write again is that recently Vance said he sorta missed my blog.

I find that sweet and funny. I mean, being that we’re married and live together and whatnot, he hears all my political opinions, at length, at all hours, so I am not sure what he has missed. But that’s the little push I needed. So here I go again.

NOW I wish I had saved all my old links...


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