Monday, April 16, 2007

leapin lizards

The second thing I have to post about is completely different. It’s this: as I came home today I had to stop by the store to get cat litter and find something for dinner, knowing we were so sad as to even be out of elbow macaroni, so I went to the Food Lion that’s right up the street and as I walked across the parking lot I thought the guy that was standing in front of the store greeting people looked mighty familiar, and he said,
“Hi, I’m Joe Morrissey.”
And I said, “Yes, you are.”

I see I am slow to hear things these days. Style was all over this last week. (It has been a heinous year, people. I’ll get back to speed soon.)

New to town? Missing the history? Read this, if only to see the word “contumacious” used appropriately.

He was handing out flyers. I got one. He’s considering running in the June Democratic Primary for the House of Delegates, against (most likely) former Richmond City Councilwoman Jackie Jackson, Former Delegate Floyd H. Miles Sr., and David Lambert, who is the son of Sen. Benjamin Lambert.

And they say eternal return is just a theory. Obviously “they” have never been to Richmond.


Blogger Steven said...

Good to have you back. Best of luck defending that dissertation. How about letting me read it sometime?

As far as returns go, some people are like turds that won't flush. Jim Gilmore, for instance. That idiot wants some grand re-entry into politics after his impressive resume of nearly bankrupting a state and illegal phone tapping.

- Steve

10:47 AM  

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